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All people should have the opportunity to belong and be accepted by a community.

About COIL

The Center on Independent Living (COIL) helps people with disabilities of all kinds achieve their freedom, independence, and watch them thrive in the community.

We help people with paralysis which currently is not a curable ailment. It is not a bacterial, viral, or fungal disease that can be remedied and repaired with drugs. Paralysis prevails! It lasts until the end of the disabled person’s existence. We help our elderly that develop disabilities through time. It is easy to break a hip or succumb to ailments that young people seem impervious to. Degenerative bone disease, stroke, falls, and a plethora of other ailments plague the elderly. We help our veterans that have given more than their share to preserve our freedoms and remind us daily what true strength and courage is. Many come home broken both physically and mentally.

Here at the Center on Independent Living—We Help!


To help people who have disabilities achieve or maintain independence in the community.


To enrich lives and the communities in which they live by providing excellent service and compassion to all we serve.


The Center on Independent Living (COIL) was established in 1985. It was founded by the dedication of small group of parents whose young adult children wanted to learn how to live independently and their parents listened to them. This required their children to learning how to manage their own affairs, establishing support services, having an income, and transportation. That small group of families was so successful that the Center on Independent Living was born and expanded to offer all these services to all severely disadvantaged people, without discrimination, selection based only on the help needed.

This program soon caught the attention of the Great State of Texas and was adopted initially by Texas Rehabilitation Association and later moved to Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). Today, three decades of hard work has accomplished over two thousand successful relocations from nursing facilities and into the community for individuals with disabilities and the number is rising every day.

“Look past the chair, see the person and you will be glad you did!”

—Susan Murray, 30 years living Independently.


``All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.`` — Jane Wagner


Recognition for Serving People with Disabilities—Texas Rehabilitation Commission


Designated 1992 Star of Texas—Texas Community Education Association


Outstanding Contribution in the field of Rehabilitation—Texas Rehabilitation Association


Appreciation Award for High Quality Rehabilitation Services for Texans with Disabilities—Texas Rehabilitation Commission


Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities Small Employer Award—George W. Bush


20th Anniversary Outstanding Partner of the Decade—C.A.M.P.


CTD Member of the Year—Coalition of Texans with Disabilities


Certificate of Appreciation for Leadership and Outstanding Contribution to the Establishment of Nursing Facility Transition Teams—Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)


Best Small Nonprofit of the Year—SAILS ADA Celebration


Awarded Gold Standing—GuideStar

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``Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.`` — Margaret Mead



``A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.`` — Steve Martin

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