Partnered with Construction Careers Academy at Warren High School we are raising funding for this excellent project. According to San Antonio Housing Authority’s (SAHA) year-end report there are over 2000 families waiting for affordable housing. This is the first step in a much larger project that involves an entire community designed as a progressive care/living network. In this phase we are acquiring land to build affordable housing. This particular housing is special in that we plan to build American Disability Act (ADA) compliant combined with as much Net Zero (solar, wind, materials used, water catchment etc.) technology as possible. Not only will this community be “high tech” it will be built by high school students from the Construction Careers Academy under direct supervision of highly skilled professionals in the construction field.

Phase 2 will be to raise funding to build a community/shopping center with a sports center that targets people with disabilities specifically.

Phase 3 will be the addition of an assisted living facility, physical therapy, physician offices, into the community. The idea being that as age and the amount of care needed for people with disabilities increases they are still able to stay within the community and maintain the support of friends, family, and familiar surroundings.