That’s a loaded statement. It means different things to different people. I was in Iraq and it was 120 degrees plus and we had a rare moment when someone had some lemonade sent to them in a care package. We were “cooling off” in some shade, and drinking what tasted like heaven. One of those moments when the worries of war were put on hold and my Platoon Sergeant said “It doesn’t get any better than this!” and at the time I agreed.  I later thought, “What was I thinking! It most certainly gets better than that! To be back home with family drinking lemonade with ice sounds infinitely better!”

Now I am home and have the privilege to work with an organization that has a rich history helping people with disabilities gain independence from nursing homes and into the community. As proud as I am to have served my country to provide freedom and independence for all Americans, I find it just as rewarding and in much more intimate to serve our clients with disabilities achieve independence and freedom that most people in America take for granted. My fight for the freedom for others is still there which I find kind of ironic. However, the way I fight is different. Instead of negotiating terms with the United States Army at my back, I negotiate with medical insurance companies, other organizations, state and federal agencies, and people in general to gain the support we need to accomplish the mission with just our small team to back me up. It’s frustrating, tough, time consuming, and frankly I find war much easier to deal with. But with all great things, it never comes easy! I am not a social worker, never worked in the human services field, and rarely did any community service outside what the military did within the community. It was not my plan to be in this industry- it literally fell in my lap and I thought, “I like a challenge- I’ll give it a go!”

I now work with some fantastic people that care about the clients they serve. They work very hard for very little to help people with disabilities gain their independence. I didn’t get it at first. Not until I met our clients and how happy they were to have a place of their own, be closer to family, and enjoy the same freedom most of us take for granted. Now I get it and now I know why people go into the social services field. It is rewarding, passionate, and your family grows through the people you help serve. Yes Sir, it doesn’t get any better than that, except maybe with a cool glass of lemonade!

If you would like to help us help others, then please send us a donation- we will take anything! We take money, property, vehicles, etc. Here is a thought- donate something where we would say “Wow! It doesn’t get any better than that!” It will always be appreciated!